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Patient Involvement

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‘You Said….We Did’

12 month period (2019-20)

  1. A) DATA
  2. Source: Comments Book:
  3. Written Responses: Total: 28
  4. Source: Compliments Book:
  5. Written Responses Total: 50
  6. On-Line (Website) Total: 4

Friends & Family:

 Written Responses: Average ‘Would Recommend’ (75%)

Patient Complaints*:

 Verbal & Written Total: 27

  2. Satisfaction/positive feedback linked to
  3. a) Wellbeing work/input during 2019
  4. b) Practice Nurse input (Locum)
  5. Building Issues:
  6. a) Temperature
  7. b) Structure of Reception Desk
  8. Patient Communication
  9. a) Email contact
  10. b) Text Reminders
  11. c) Opening Times
  13. a) Wellbeing Worker sessions increased during 2019 (working with PCN for service delivery)
  14. b) Practice Nurse (Locum) retained
  15. c) Temperature of building: ongoing negotiations and exploring option with landlord i.e. air-con (prior to Summer 2020) (FR)
  16. d) Structure of Reception Desk (Open Plan): Restructure would require landlord approval. Measures are in place and options provided to support confidentiality Options promoted to patients.
  17. e) Email details added to website and Practice stationery/leaflet 2019/20
  18. f) Text reminders: promoted and prompt for requirement for current mobile number (Reception)

Additional Responsive Measure:

 Website provider changed (Jan 2020)


Key Improvements

 Improved navigation

 Google Translate option

 Greater accessibility for patients to Practice & self- care information

 Improved systems for Patient Feedback and engagement i.e.

 FFT on-line

 Electronic submission of Complaints/Comments & compliments

 Update of contract details

 Patient Representation Group



Source: Comments Book 2019

  Your Comments ‘What You Said’ Our Response ‘What We did’
1 I have attended this surgery since I was 6 and have always been impressed by the doctors care, knowledge, sincerity. The staff have always been helpful willing to put themselves out to explain things and make sure I understand what was happening. I would not dream of exchanging my healthcare to another practice
2 Privacy is an area that I think could be better addressed in the reception area it is much too open plan Patient confidentiality is extremely important to us.

We are aware that the design of the reception area can pose a challenge to privacy but the surgery building is rented and there are restrictions on the physical alterations that we can make.

To support patient confidentiality we provide our staff with portable headsets (to allow them to move away from the desk if a conversation is sensitive) and have an information stand requesting patients to allow space and privacy for other patients.

An interview room is available on request if a patient wishes to discuss an issue privately rather than at the main desk.

Our staff also undertake regular training related to preserving confidentiality.


3 I love attending this surgery because the staff are all exceptional at their jobs, the support staff, receptionists and the GPs are brilliant and the extra services Farrow provides such as wellbeing service has helped me change my life! WELL DONE! 😊


4 This surgery is a great place all who work here go above and beyond. A* farrow


5 Brilliant service. The receptionist are brilliant and helpful. Sarah the nurse is super too


6 I have been registered at the surgery a long time and they provide a good service. The GPs and all staff are excellent


7 Brilliant


8 Very supportive and kind surgery all doctor are nice


9 Very nice staff at reception, very helpful




10 Should be air-conditioned or fans here – gets hot – why reception only? (with fans)



The surgery was built in 2014 and air-conditioning was not considered eco-friendly by the developers/architect.

Unfortunately fans are not allowed in areas of public access due to H&S guidelines.

We are aware of the temperature issues (particularly in the waiting area) during summer and are seeking a way to address this; possibly with window blinds.

11 I have had really good experience with all the staff from the surgery they have been supportive and caring
12 Too warm in the building for ladies of a ‘certain’ age


Please see ref: 10 above. Our patient’s (and staff) comfort is important to us and we are aware of the issue.
13 Very supportive. Excellent service. Staff are so good.


14 The (locum) doctor wouldn’t listen to the patient. He gave a prescription that was not available in both pharmacies that we went to,  We talked to Farrow pharmacy and the spray was only for adults There were some issues related to patient satisfaction with this particular locum GP (booked for one sessions) and we did not re-book him


15 I requested my medical file report from the 17.5.19 till 3.11.19 I was very happy at how quick my request was ready also had everything I wanted. Thank you for the reception staff for going above and beyond for me. I needed report within 2 weeks of medical report fairly quickly


16 I have been to see Poonam (Wellbeing worker) for three sessions now and she has really helped me and done a fantastic service. I am going for more sessions. I have been really impressed with the advice during my sessions and the techniques to help me move forward Poonam now has more time and sessions at Farrow Medical Centre (supported by our Primary Care Networking)


17 Seen Poonam about diet. She made me feel very comfortable. Explained everything very well, didn’t rush me on anything. Would definitely recommend Poonam to people with not just health issues but also mental issues


18 Excellent care from all over a wide range of issues


19 Thank you for offering me an urgent appointment on the day
20 Very good
21 Very pleased to attend today. Very informative.
22 Nurse Sarah is a very nice polite person very helpful please keep her as full time here Nurse Sarah continues to work with us at Farrow Medical Centre. Her input is appreciated by all of us as well as by our patients
23 One of the best nurses I have ever met. Felt very comfortable and at ease with Sarah. Thank you
24 I came to see nurse Sarah she is very nice and I am very comfortable with her I want her to stay at our Farrow Medical Centre. Patients will benefit from her. She does her job well.
25 Nurse Sarah is a very nice nurse she is very sad with her patients and wants problems to be better soon. Please keep her full time in Farrow Medical Centre
26 This surgery is great whenever we need them they are very helpful. All staff is very welcoming and friendly. Only one thing is they used to send a text reminder which they stopped. Please start back again. We send appointment confirmation and reminder texts to patients who have signed up for the service. We haven’t stopped the service but we do promote to patients (in house and on our website) that they must inform us if they change their mobile number or the system will not work.
27 Nurse Sarah was efficient and brilliant
28 I have just had my first asthma review with the nurse Sarah and she was brilliant. I found it very helpful and informative. Thank you!


PATIENT FEEDBACK (Section 2) Source: Compliments Book 2019

  Your Comments ‘What You Said’ Our Response ‘What We did’
1 The surgery is very clean and airy Dr Reynolds is understanding of my medical needs I appreciate everything she has done for me
2 I was seen by Dr Isaacson today she is a considerate lady very understanding I appreciate everything she has done for me!
3 Excellent service no complaints whatsoever Staff wonderful friendly and courteous
4 We have been with this surgery for a long time and the doctors, nurses and reception have been very good
5 I’ve been happy with the service I get from Reception I have no complaints
6 My diabetic reviews have always been friendly efficient and informative
7 Very easy to talk to and helpful
8 Very efficient and to the point, polite, pleasant a pleasure to attend with
9 Happy & friendly
10 Excellent service from Practice, lovely staff, g everything explained, feel well looked after
11 They Have been good at all times thank you
12 I am very happy with the service. Dr Reynolds is the best doctor and nurse Mrs Jo Briscoe. Lovely staff. Feel well looked after.
13 Want to compliment Dr Isaacson on her patience and understanding
14 I have been seeing a wellbeing worker through the service HALE. Poonam has been brilliant and has changed my life in such a positive way and I am so glad that Irum referred me to her. Both Poonam and Irum have been amazing so understanding and empathic that they’ve motivated me to take control of my health. Well done! Poonam now has more time and sessions for wellbeing work at Farrow Medical Centre (supported by our Primary Care Networking). Irum continues with her wellbeing work for us and is also our Patient Representation group lead. We actively encourage patients to join our group which organises and provides health advice sessions and community engagement events. Please contact the surgery if you are interested in becoming a group member.


15 Staff really helpful
16 Sarah very helpful
17 I have been coming to this doctor’s surgery for years. I actually decided to stay with this Practice when I relocated to Idle. This was due to the excellent service I always receive whether by doctors or on reception. The morning access service is great and the receptionists always go above and beyond to help. Thanks
18 I have been attending a Mental Health class with a lady called Poonam whom has been seeing me for about 6 months from my 1st day to now. I have found the service a great success and have been helped greatly. This service and lady have done wonders. Please keep this up Farrow. It’s a great valuable service. Many thanks Please see ref: 14 above regarding Poonam’s additional sessions and input of the wellbeing worker(s)
19 Myself and my children have always been with this surgery. Fantastic. Never had any problems. The staff are friendly and happy to help.
20 The doctors and receptionists are attentive. Excellent service – even knows my name, address and date of birth
21 Fantastic staff. Brilliant doctors. Very well done.
22 Every visit to this Practice is a positive one. All staff most helpful.
23 Every visit and every phone call made has always been a positive and dealt with in the most appropriate manner meeting my needs and trying to help as much as possible. Staff and doctors are excellent. Service provided is always the highest standard to meet patient needs
24 Visit to Poonam beneficial. Enjoyed talking over problems with her and taking her advice
25 Visit to see Nurse Sarah. She was fabulous. Made me quite at ease and very professional.
26 To medical and support staff at the Farrow Medical Centre and thank you so much for your help and guidance given this year
27 Thank you so much for everything from reception top seeing the doctor, care is delivered in a professional but friendly manner, Fabulous Practice
28 Sar Dr Sally Wood we discussed about my anxiety. She was very helpful and helped me to discuss further help for my breathing too which is my most concern. She was very helpful thank you Farrow Medical. Kind regards 😊
29 Thank you Sarah the nurse who made my daughter feel comfortable doing her bloods. Please stay at this surgery. Thank you! Nurse Sarah continues to work with us at Farrow Medical Centre. Her input is appreciated by all of us.
30 Nurse Sarah is a wonderful lady she is very helpful very polite and very good. Please give her a full-time job


31 To all the staff at Farrow Medical Centre. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your help through the new year
32 Thank you for all your help this year
33 I’ve been a patient for many years the staff is awesome always helpful. The doctors are always awesome and understanding. Best surgery around. Keep it up. Many happy returns to the new years
34 I would like to share how valuable, supportive and compassionate the reception staff have been to myself. It’s been a rollercoaster since June 2019 and the support & guidance given to myself and to dad is outstanding and extremely appreciated. Thank you for making a difference in such a time and always.
35 I seen Sarah today. She was very nice. She talk to nice.
36 I have come in to see the doctor the reception informed me I can also see the nurse. The nurse was great. Excellent service, love to see her again. Thank you.
37 Saw nurse for a smear. Very professional. Very quick. Friendly. Very reassuring. Explained how the smear would happen. I would be very happy to have her do the test again (with her)
38 I came to see nurse Sarah. She is very nice nurse. I would like her to stay here permanently please. She really knows what she is doing and does her job very well. Practice will benefit from her if she stays. Please let her stay.
39 I came with my daughter to see Nurse Sarah. She is very nice person and nurse and does her job well. Patients will benefit from her as she gives good advice and makes the patients feel comfortable. She is also friendly nurse. I hope to see her again. Please keep her at Farrow Medical Centre full time.
40 I was seen by Nurse Sarah. She is very good and makes you feel comfy. She is an agency worker who applied for a job here (at Farrow MC) I would like her to get it as it would make me more comfy knowing I’m coming in and seeing her
41 Today I saw Poonam. She was very nice helpful to me. I am very happy with her advice and I will try to do what she told me to do. Thank you.
42 Today I was seen by Poonam about my blood sugar levels. It was very informative and encouraging. Her advice in my diet was very encouraging and information she imparted was good sense and I will be trying to follow all of her advice. Another meeting will be arranged for approx. 4 weeks’ time.
43 I am very pleased with the care I receive at this surgery and I know I would not be alive without it. Do not need to name a doctor as the same level of care is given by all.
44 I have just visited Sarah and she is a very well caring person I feel she would be a great asset to Farrow Medical Centre she is very polite and considerate to all the patients she sees
45 Visited Nurse Walayat makes you feel very at ease I prefer her every time if possible
46 Seen Mrs Poonam from wellbeing her session really helped me and I think this service should be ongoing
47 To Dr Ward – Thank you for all your care in 2019
48 For Dr L Ward & Great Team at the Reception Desk. Thank you ever so much for Excellent Patient Service
49 To Dr Donohue. Thank you for being so lovely and not judging me when you easily could have done! It’s apparent how hard you work – it is much appreciated 😊
50 Excellent service from practice. Lovely staff – everything explained feel well looked after Been here for 2 years now and have had no problems




  Your Comments ‘What You Said….’ Our Response ‘What We Did’
1 Subject: Suggestion from a website user

How about putting your full address on your website?!!

The user DID NOT agree that the practice may contact them regarding this matter.

Website Updated:

Full address of surgery added to website

2 Subject: Suggestion from a website user

please can you contact me I have been unable to contact you by telephone I want to book an appointment to see the diabetic nurse

The user agreed that the practice may contact them regarding this matter.


Patient Contacted

Website Updated:

Surgery Opening times (Telephone Access)

Appointment bookings/queries

3 Subject: Praise from a website user

My wife attended open surgery last Monday.
In 5 minutes Dr Leedham found a problem and 5 minutes later had her booked in at BRI. NO MESSING!!!!
I think your surgery quite rightly has earned its best in Bradford tag.
Thanks a lot

4 Subject: Suggestion from a website user

An email address would be helpful.
I have been to hospital and have been given a FP10 prescription.
I simply wanted to email it to the doctors.
I will ring up and or come in.
I am simply trying to save doctors time.

The user agreed that the practice may contact them regarding this matter.

Website Updated:

Email address featured more prominently on site


Added to Practice correspondence/booklet

New (improved) website 2020




Some examples of changes the practice has introduced following patient feedback.

You Said We did
It’s too long to wait in the walk-in surgery. And it’s crowded




Introduction of additional pharmacist triage sessions to support morning Open Access sessions 2018-19

Care Navigation Training Undertaken by all reception staff

Senior Care Navigators appointed to coordinate team and sign post presenting patients appropriately

E-Consult system initiated (July 19) for electronic submission of non-urgent problems/advice/requests for sick notes

Practice Pharmacist completed Minor Ailments Triage qualification for additional a.m. triage sessions

Increased Practice Pharmacist input to 5 days per week to

  • support treatment of minor ailments
  • Manage urgent prescribing requests/queries on the day
  • Promote Self Care & OTC medication policies



Reduces waiting times (as not always needs to be a GP seeing the patient) (from Jan 2019)

Additional: Second Pharmacist has completed Independent Prescriber Course and is being trained to provide face-to-face triage


I can’t always see my ‘own’ doctor anymore….




All the doctors are part time but continuity is a key factor in our provision of care and in patient satisfaction levels

GP partners & salaried GPs now have the ability/capacity to book into appointment slots reserved specifically for their use/patients at their discretion



Can you please move the seating in the waiting area – it doesn’t seem patient-centred? Seating plan reviewed


Access/mobility for patients when surgery is busy

Unobstructed view of call-board


Can we have a drinks machine in the waiting room…?



Management completed a risk assessment which indicated that hot drinks and/or a drink dispenser could contravene H&S guidelines.

Instead a water cooler (with disposable cups) was purchased for the reception area and patients can now request a drink while they wait


When will the doctor ring me about my tests?



Patient education: The GPs will only contact a patient if a result is abnormal. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the patient to contact the surgery. Results can also be access via System Online.

Advice slips (outlining the above) are now provided by GPs/nurses when a test is taken. Promotion of on-line benefits ongoing – PRG members participating in waiting room IT tutorials


So much negativity – it would be good to devote some noticeboard space to the Positive things that patients say about the Practice


Additional noticeboard – July 19

How to Provide Feedback: We Welcome Your Comments & Suggestions

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