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Friends & Family Feedback

Friends & Family (FFT) Report


FFT is mandatory information that all Practices need to submit monthly to NHS England to indicate patient’s satisfaction with the Practice and to give patients opportunity to suggest what they feel we can do to improve their experience of our service.


The Practice will then evidence that we’ve considered the feedback & the feasibility of making the suggested improvements.



Positive feedback/comments (i.e. Patients who would be ‘likely/extremely likely’ to recommend the Practice)


    • Friendly staff
    • I have always been treated promptly in nice surroundings
    • I’d be likely to recommend this Practice, the reason being I can usually get an appointment without having to wait long
    • Very friendly staff
    • Very helpful staff  & doctors
    • Polite service, caring
    • All the receptionists are excellent, approachable & very helpful
    • I find the treatment I have received is good
    • Very efficient & caring service
    • Always had good appointments! On time! J
    • I’d be extremely likely to recommend Farrow because in all the years I’ve been coming to the surgery I have always been happy with my treatment by staff, nurses & doctors
    • I have been at this Practice since birth. They have always been wonderful, no matter what the situation
    • I’d be extremely likely to recommend this Practice, the doctors take care to listen to my problems and give the best treatment. I really like the ‘call back’ system as a full time working mother my requests get fulfilled. Open Surgery is another option when there is a need to see a doctor.
    • Doctors listen to you very well and help you
    • I would recommend the Practice because there’s always an option, be it open surgery, telephone calls or appointments
    • I’m a new patient and I feel they are so good
    • I’ve always received an excellent service and find staff extremely helpful and caring
    • Carmel is a brilliant nurse. I came for my blood test and she did it in one go. I had a bad experience about blood tests because the hospital nurse couldn’t do it. Well done to have such a nice nurse in this surgery
    • Nothing is too much trouble! Staff & doctors are really helpful. Don’t know of a surgery that offers a walk-in sevice like they do
    • We find the Practice very good because you can always see a doctor, any day, without having an appointment. The doctors & staff are excellent.
    • Good
    • Very friendly. They know what I am talking about. Good doctors & nurses
    • The care is really good also the staff are very friendly, also helpful with any concerns you may have
    • It’s a good service, the staff are very helpful and it’s a good Practice
    • Extremely friendly service, calm surroundings. Very helpful and treated with dignity
    • Medical centre provides excellent service and care. I think the surgery is the best in Bradford. Thanks you
    • The ease of seeing a GP the same day is a very great help (morning walk-in surgery. The speed with which appointments with my regular GP are available is also very good. The friendliness of the receptionists is also helpful to the whole experience of having to visit the surgery.
    • I like the way my doctor’s surgery works. Morning surgery is very handy. Happy with the services.


Less Positive Feedback (i.e. Patients who would be less likely or unlikely to recommend the Practice)

    • There should be longer hours for Open Surgery
    • Waiting time is too long for walk-in surgery
    • Since the move to the new building the care has got really bad. Patients feel like the GPs don’t care anymore and patients are asked to see the pharmacy for advice. The frontline staff is facing a lot of telling off when it’s not their fault. They are facing the abuse.
    • As well as improving the facilities the surgery needs to do something to improve the waiting times. It’s like hospital waiting time here.
    • Don’t think the receptionist should ask patient what they are seeing the doctor for, It’s private and doctor’s business. Not saying it in front of other patients
    • People need to walk away from the counter now that staff are having to ask why you need to see the doctor. It’s a private matter not open to the public!
    • I totally disagree with the receptionists asking for a brief detail for my visit. This is entirely personal between me & the doctor

Patient Suggestions for Improvement

    • Appointment reminders via text messaging 
    • Ability to book appointments via email
    • Higher chairs in the waiting area for older patients. New seating not appropriate for the elderly
    • No ‘privacy’ notices at reception so waiting area can hear conversations also people waiting to speak to receptionist do this in full ear shot!
    • The walk from the car park to the new surgery entrance is quite lengthy for people with limited mobility. I feel the pathway would benefit from a handrail to enable this group of people to stop frequently with support or walk more steadily with an aid. My son-in-law who transports me has not only had to assist me but also other elderly individuals finding it arduous
    • ‘Wait here’ sign a must!

Practice Manager Response to FFT Patient Feedback, Queries & Suggestions


    • We did an in-house audit earlier this year and found that many patients attending Open Access (our weekday ‘Walk In’ sessions) were doing so in order to collect sick notes, non-urgent prescriptions or have passport or legal forms completed & signed by the doctor. This was increasing the waiting times for our patients who were attending Open Access because they were actually ill. To address this problem, our receptionists now ask each patient who presents at Open Access for a brief description of their problem. As a result of the change, administrative tasks and paper work can now be processed more appropriately and effectively and waiting time has been reduced for acutely ill patients.
    • To further reduce unnecessary waiting time, we have also introduced a Minor Ailment triage session to support Open Access. This clinic is run by our very experienced Nurse Partner, Mrs Jo Briscoe, and an appointment is not necessary. Poorly children and patients presenting with minor ailment symptoms can now be assessed initially by Jo, who is also a prescriber. In the event of the patient still needing to see the doctor, they do not lose their place in the Open Access queue.
    • In addition, patients who attend Open Access with a minor ailment & qualify for the Pharmacy First scheme, can be seen, assessed and receive medication from our in-house pharmacy at no cost
    • Also, patients who require a non-urgent follow up with a specific GP are encouraged to book an appointment, rather than hoping to see that particular doctor in an Open Access setting.
    • Our doctors are all part time but appointments with a specific GP are routinely available within one week, allowing for annual leave.

Waiting Area

    • As we recognise privacy is an issue in our open plan waiting area, patients are given the option of writing down for the receptionist the reason that they need to see a doctor in Open Access
    • We are arranging to have background music playing across the waiting area to further preserve privacy and expect this to happen in next few weeks
    • A ‘wait here’ sign has been introduce to give patients dealing with reception staff privacy. 
    • In the longer term, potentially the next 12 months, we would like to make some structural modifications to the reception desk and make it both higher and wider.
    • In the meantime we would appreciate our patients’ consideration in providing space and privacy for the person in front of them
    • In addition to the standard seating, we do have ‘high’ seating (with arms) for elderly patients or patients with mobility problems. However we appreciate that these chairs were in our smaller waiting area and may not have been very visible. We have re-positioned the seating to address this problem.
    • In additional we are shortly introducing a system where the receptionist will send an ‘instant’ message to the waiting room arrival screen to advise patients if they doctor they have an appointment with is running late

IT Services

    • We have introduced the SMS texting  service to remind patients of their appointment one day before as well as confirmation text of their appointment details
    • We offer prescription requests as an on-line service and now also off  on-line bookable appointments.


    • We are looking at the costs and feasibility of installing a hand rail at the front of the building to provide support to patients with poor mobility as they walk from our car park
    • The new surgery premises are rented and approval needs to be sight from our landlord to do this so a timeframe is difficult to predict
    • In the interim, we would remind Blue Badge holders that they can park directly at the front of the surgery entrance on Otley Road  

FFT – Suggestions & Feedback


We do actively encourage feedback, ideas, suggestions and comments from our patients

You can provide this by completing an FFT form at reception & also by commenting on the home page of the website, on our Facebook page or on the NHS Choices website.

Thank you!!!

Practice Manager

(On behalf of the Partners & Staff at Farrow Medical Centre)