Farrow Medical Centre

177 Otley Road, Bradford, BD3 0HX

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Telephone: 01274 637031

Fax: 01274 636001

Out of Hours: 111

New Patients

New Patients can register with us on a appointment based arranged with the receptionist.

We register patients from BD2, BD3, BD10 and part of BD1

TWO forms of ID will be required for registration.

One photo ID and one address ID from the list below.

Patients aged 16 years & over will need to come to the Practice in person to register. No one can register you on your behalf.

What You Need to Provide: one from each list


– Driving License

– Passport

– Bus Pass

ADDRESS ID: – These must be dated within the past 4-8 weeks

– Utility Bills

– Benefits letter

– Tenancy /Mortgage agreement

– Bank Statement

*Children under 16 Birth Certificate

NOTE: We do not accept mobile phone bills as proof of address

A registration form will need to be fully completed otherwise NHS registration may not be possible.

If English is not your first language please bring someone to help you complete your form

It is particularly necessary to inform us of your –

– NHS number (your current GP Practice can provided you this)

– Copy of order form if you are on regular medication ( Again your GP Practice can provide this)

– Previous doctor’s details name/address of Practice

– Your previous address if you have recently moved

– The date you entered the country (if applicable)

After completion of your application – if you have a long term disease or take regular medication – we will arrange a New Patient Health Check for you

It is important that you attend for your New Patient Health Check appointment so that the doctor has up to date information & this is particularly important for patients who take any regular medication

Registration can take up to 48 hours (2 days)

If you require a Doctor in the meantime please contact your previous GP or NHS 111

Please note if you are a Homeless patient/Refugee/Asylum Seeker status (NAS card carriers) you may prefer to register at Bevan House (Tel:-01274 322400) for specialised support.

Our Reception Team can provide further information about the services at Bevan House